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The Wonderful Animated World of the Wizard of Oz: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!
The Steam Engines of Oz is a google slots games free listings graphic novel series published by Arcana Studio.
Soviet police had to recruit amazon brigades, because all the men were busy on the frontlines.James Bond : Mrs.The United States Marine Corps developed the "Lioness Program" for use in Iraq and Afghanistan.RIZ-zoawd, a Japanese role-playing live casino slot games video game for the Nintendo DS, released in the US as The Wizard of Oz: Beyond the Yellow Brick Road.Puppet Shows Tabletop Games Space 1889 : Very surprisingly there is such a unit, a human unit to boot, in this Victorian free online slot machine games with nudges role-playing game.and it's historical.
The Amazons in Wonder Woman (2017), obviously.
The cartoon featured Dorothy returning to Oz, reuniting with her four friends, and journeying through the magical realm in an attempt to rescue the Wizard from a resurrected Witch of the West.
They find early success against the Emerald City's army, an old man who Wouldn't Hit a Girl, but are in for a nasty surprise when Glinda brings in her own all-female army who actually know what they're doing.
O'Connor under his Orion's Bell label.
Warlord features an all-female mercenary company called the Sisters of the Blade, which was expanded into its own faction in the Savage North book.
Oz Reimagined: New Tales from the Emerald City and Beyond is a 2013 anthology edited by Douglas Cohen John Joseph Adams published by Amazon Publishing 's 47North imprint.
The Witch takes them only to be turned into stone, crumble, and fall apart.Western Animation Total Drama : World Tour has "Team Amazon" consisting of four girls and Cody.There are male sorcerers, but they keep their heads very far down.In other words, they know what they are doing when it comes to video slot games.Video Games Some players try to get one of these going in any game that gives a party, whether one you fill with your own rolled characters ( Wasteland or with a cast ( Final Fantasy XII ).

Delilah's coven in the Brigmore Witches DLC of Dishonored and in Dishonored 2 are all women (obviously) and all very deadly Elite Mooks trained in both swordsmanship and supernatural powers.
The Wizard of Oz, a coin pusher game found in video arcades.