They are also determined by rank (PFC, SPC, SGT, SSG, SFC). .
Hospital Corpsman (HM-ATF) 10,000, navy, grande vegas casino no deposit bonus codes 2015 diver (ND-ATF) 15,000, nuclear Field (NF) 20,000.
Earn UP TO 30,000.
Bonuses will vary by Primary Military Occupational Specialty (MOS Skill Qualification Identifier (SQI Additional Skill Identifier (ASI) or language code (if any).Army Reenlistment Selective Reenlistment, bonus casino slot machines tips 4 (SRB announcements are made quarterly in milper messages that announce changes in the SRB program.An Air Force SRB calculator diy lady gaga poker face costume is available to logged-in users at myPers.The amounts are periodically modified, as often as quarterly, as are the methods of determining your bonus.Additional amounts may be granted for various skills, such as a 7500 additional bonus for language skills, up to an SRB maximum as established.The amount is further determined by the length of enlistment extension.College, bonus - All Ratings Eligible, associate's degree 5,000.
Enlistment Bonus for High School (ebhs) 3,000 Applies to all Active Component recruits who graduated high school.
See the list below for more details.
The range is from 500 for Tier 1 PFC and SPC enlisting for 12 to 23 months all the way up to 72,000 for a Tier 10 SSG/SFC enlisting for 60 months or more.
Recruits must show the required proficiency in a language where the Navy designates a need.
The value of incentives can vary, and they're usually not open to every rating (the.If the sailor washes out of training, they will retain this bonus.However, if they make it through training their regular enlistment bonus will be reduced by the amount of the PST bonus.How to Qualify for a, navy, bonus.There may be more added to this list so check with your recruiter to see what other ratings may qualify.Repayment of Navy Bonuses It's important to be aware that if a recruit doesn't fulfill the terms of their enlistment for which they received a bonus, they will be required to pay the Navy back.All of these factor into which tier of bonus is offered, from Tier 1 to Tier.