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Thats what friendship is about, and thats what we mean by Social Casino.So whether its the years of experience that got you hooked.The Gambino VIP Club, we at Gambino believe that everybody who joins our casino is a Very Important Player.If you love fun slot machines, with great themes, awesome sounds and tons of winnings then download Slot Machine for Windows 8 today!The Thrill of the Slot Machines.Lets Play Slots Blog brings you the latest releases to ensure youre always up to speed with interesting new releases or the latest winning streak.Slot Machine currently has 17 machines with more being added all the time!As a member of the club, you will be pampered with all sorts blue chip casino history of luxurious amenities like enhanced G-Coin packages, multiplied Loyalty Points, Gift Multipliers and Prize Multipliers, and bigger prizes on the Mega Bonus Wheel.Keep spinning to earn experience and gain levels so that you can unlock new machines!All it takes is a bit of luck and you could gain literally millions of G-Coins on one spin of the wheel.Unlock the Treasure Vault Bonus, the Treasure Vault is where the G-Coins are kept.
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We are at your service and always in pursuit of the best casino bonuses and the most enjoyable free slots.And there you will be introduced to all the wonderful things that Gambino has to offer, including the Mega Bonus Wheel, the multi-tiered VIP Club, Jackpots, Contests, Challenges, Loyalty Points, and, of course, the fantastic free online slot machine games.When something good happens to you a big win, a Challenge completed, an XP advance word will go out instantaneously to your social network and your friends can rejoice with you.It is a strong, solid steel vault that is kept locked except when it isnt!In essence, a free social casino is a casino in which you, the player, experience social interaction with other players.Join the VIP Club!Have Fun at Gambino!There are nine membership tiers in the Gambino VIP Club, beginning with Topaz, Sapphire, Emerald, and Ruby; continuing to Diamond, Trillion Diamond, Royal Diamond, and Black Diamond; and culminating in the highest tier, the Gambino Walk of Fame.And there will be Gabby, your lovely Gambino Slots hostess, with a big smile, ready to welcome you with thousands of G-Coins in your Gambino Slots G-Coin Account.Apart from the endless free fun in an ever-changing online casino industry, Lets Play Slots is by your side to make sense of all the exciting new features.And they all come alive on your screen with dynamic HD graphics, vivid animation, and amazing sound effects.Just pick your game, spin the reels, and then when the icons line up just right youll find yourself showered with G-Coins.Were talking here of Big Wins, Mega Wins, even Epic Wins.