slot machine error

Remember, IGT S2000 machines will "stack" errors.
Close the door to the cash box and secure if needed.Roxan Burkett 15:51:44 05/24/18 Thu 809 bally slot e184-224 or f31-2100 ronnie terrell 16:34:33 04/08/18 Sun, front Door Reflector type reader, david.ME AKA admin 02:35:59 04/15/13 Mon Help with my IGT slot Machine Luis 05:48:41 03/09/13 Sat bally 5500 problems dennis ratto 12:10:00 03/06/13 Wed Re: Error code 83 F Safe Ram gambling boat fort myers beach Error?Heather (curious) 00:53:08 12/27/13 Fri igrjay (stumped) 15:47:50 12/16/13 Mon Inherited slot machines Genevieve (Hopeful) 11:37:22 12/09/13 Mon How to test bell on Bally model952, 1974.Low Battery - Battery in the corner of the MPU board has dropped to an insufficient level.After Power On Brett Henrichsen (help!) 14:19:13 06/10/14 Tue WTB - bally model 903 mustang - reel strips unclebuck 14:42:59 06/01/14 Sun older Double Diamond slot machine - bill acceptor question Mike 11:29:23 05/19/14 Mon WTB: Igt S Set Chip 077 Andys35 14:33:08 05/07/14 Wed.Door Open B - Belly Door is open.The error can be completely unrelated to the item listed in the message.If you run into an error that you cannot get to clear, feel free to contact us or visit the great forums at m for answers!Sean 14:46:26 07/13/15 Mon Message 12, dead battery Sharon (sad) 11:50:55 08/19/15 Wed IGT S2000 credit reset randy (SAD) 08:07:03 08/25/ristocrat Double face slot machine lisa (broke) 10:43:22 07/26/15 Sun bally 9000 payout Icnrease adjust ENT Bruce ensminger (happy) 18:56:53 06/20/15 Sat bally machine code.
Call Attendant - Turn the brass Reset key on the side of the machine once to see the error(s).
Josh 12:10:07 09/09/18 Sun, proSlot 5500 error code.2.
PBear 11:37:29 08/28/18 Tue, spammers, me aka admin (Peeved) 22:45:44 07/21/18 Sat bally 5000 plus jim 17:34:48 07/04/ IGT 25 cent video poker machine.
IF the machine has multiple errors, only ONE error will be cleared each time the door is opened and closed.
ME aka Admin (Curious) 15:25:38 03/11/17 Sat Bally EM #1034 Lucky Sevens EM with Harras at Trump Plaza Belly glass for sale Steven Deschamps (poor) 04:34:56 03/03/17 Fri Bally Slot Machine won't accept quarters Milton Bailey 11:33:03 02/28/17 Tue IGT 1995 Wild Cherry (CRT Screen).
Jim 03:43:31 03/04/13 Mon need manual for sigma model wm-3br200 error 03:42:18 03/04/13 Mon time change pot of gold 580f 08:53:16 03/03/13 Sun Progressive LED Lights Joe 18:39:57 02/23/13 Sat Re: FOR sale jennings J-400 manual gary johnson (I have 2 slots I believe from.
So you have an error message displayed in the blue w what?!?!?!?!Pat 20:28:12 11/13/17 Mon Jackpot Stampede cash out issues Chris 19:54:21 11/13/17 Mon Another IGT code 61 question Gary Smith 13:25:05 10/31/17 Tue Poker machine has bill stuck in bill valadater Pete (crazy) 21:38:31 09/24/17 Sun bally 5000 plus power supply terry redding 06:32:06 12/26/10.R the fun part!If you know that the cause of the error has been fixed, simply lift up on the door handle/latch, and lower it back down.Where to find U67 and U68 chips.Best Viewed with Microsoft Windows 95 or higher.You do not have to physically open and close the door, just lifting and lowering the door handle will clear the error code from the screen.Me (Neutral) 23:04:47 12/20/14 Sat S550 4-7's machines reset issue Rick (?) 22:24:40 12/20/14 Sat Re: Bally 873 slot - coin lockout Rex Mcuire (Sad.) 15:51:18 12/20/14 Sat Bally's Slot Machine Model 809-Y Dan Carter 15:33:29 11/11/14 Tue Reset poker machine Bob Thomas 17:24:10 11/24/14.A Coin-In Jam error on a coinless machine can also be caused by a failed Door I/O board.NetPlex Link Down - Usually this is caused by a failed power supply (given the machine was operating as it should prior to the error).Ken 00:03:09 11/16/16 Wed Re: Williams Jackpot Party problem Kenneth Lowery Jr (Kenneth Lowery Jr) 12:31:14 10/22/16 Sat Re: Williams Jackpot Party problem Randy (Looking Forward to a Fix) 20:06:13 09/15/16 Thu bally E 2000 IAN (fustrated) 08:35:28 10/13/16 Thu problem with igt slant top.For example, a Door Open messages when the door is physically closed could be a sign of bad door optics, or perhaps a failing I/O board.

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No worries, we can help you fix it and get your machine back in working order in no time!
Santiago casias (sad Santiago Casias) 09:51:59 09/12/18 Wed, bally S6000 - MPU and sound board dont seem to turn.