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Ammco Brake Lathe, Model 7700-7, Operation/Maintenance/Parts (S) asco valves Red-Hat II Open-Frame, General Purpose, Watertight/Explosion-Proof Solenoids, Install/Maint.
Full explanatory texts with clear diagrams of how to blue chip casino history get the best from the lathe and its attachments.
Wheel and Pinion Cutters, Stark Plain Milling Machine, Wig-Wag Lap Grinder, Rotary Leaf and Pinion Cutter, Pinion Cutter for grinding Pinion Cutters, 3-spindle upright Drill, Tapping Machine, Stark Plain Milling Machine, Stark Universal Combined Universal Milling Machine Wheel and Pinion Cutter Forming Machine, Profiling machine.
All the above lathe (9 11 12 13 14 16" 17 plus drills, wood-turning Lathes (Graduate and Jubilee) Boxford Lathes, accessories, grinders, etc.(slightly modified.G.) Sales Technical Specification Catalogue Model 1957.49 pages (2) Booklet "The Bench Lathe at Work" - 1925: 31 pages (3)Ames "Bench Lathe Bench Millers" 1926 portrait-format Catalogue showing the lathe, its accessories - and the Ames Milling Machine.Sales Technical Specification Catalogue with spindle cross-section.I: Chassis 1974 ford Owner Maintenance Light Repair Manual, factory 1975 Ford Truck Series 500/750/7000 Owners Manual; original softcover, 108 pages, 6"x9 shows some wear and tear but fairly nice 1977 Ford/Mercury Passenger Car factory manual set: 5 volumes in good shape: covers Mustang, Bobcat.25 P10E parkson.
BR67) 46 pages 25 B575D bridgeport millers 1954 "Celebration of 20,000 machines" Catalogue.
Two Sales Technical Specification Catalogues Models 16D, 20D and 30CD.
15 M964D myford super 7 Power Cross Feed Model - later comprehensive publication with ML7R and the full accessory range.
37 S70 schaudt Grinders.
25 B870 burke Miller.
30 C224Q Cincinnati hypowermatic Tracer Controlled Milling Machine Catalogue.
65 S275 sorby (Robert Sorby) General Catalog circa 2002 showing the Wood Lathes, their accessories and all other Sorby products.Technical Specification and Sales Catalogue.25 H468 heston anderson (USA) Detailed, well-illustrated Woodworking Machinery Catalogue and Price List for 1934.Comprehensive Catalogue of truing sleeve, Adaptors, Wedges and Accessories for use with Delapena machines.25 P9G parkson "Adapta" Miller dedicated Sales, Technical Specification and Accessories Catalogue.: 16 pages.

8 M830E moore Precision Diamond Turning Grinding Machines giving the specifications of: Moore Aspheric Generators (diamond turning machines) Types M-18 and M-40.