poker face in poker game

Float Calling a bet with the free online casino games book of ra intention of bluffing on a later betting round.
Split See main article: split and high-low split split two pair In community card poker, a two pair hand, with each pair made of one of a player's hole cards, and one community card.
The add-on often offers more chips per dollar invested than the buyin and rebuys.Watch how they act and react.Fish A weak player.Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 41,922 times.Also called a duck, quack, or swan.Also called a hand (though both terms are ambiguous).Rock A very tight player (plays very few hands and only continues with strong hands).Search, add New Question, ask a Question 200 characters left, include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.Compare with add-on redeal To deal a hand again, possibly gambling dice game 8 letters after a misdeal redraw To make one hand and have a draw for a better hand Second or later draws in a draw game with multiple draws represent To represent a hand is to play.Dead man's hand See main article: dead man's hand dead money See main article: dead money deal To distribute cards to players in accordance with the rules of the game being played A single instance of a game of poker, begun by shuffling the cards.Wake up To "wake up with a hand" means to discover a strong starting hand, often when there has already been action in front of the player.
A backed player is often known as a horse.
Double-draw Any of several draw poker games in which the draw phase and subsequent betting round are repeated twice double raise The minimum raise in a no-limit or pot-limit game, raising by just the amount of the current bet.
Multi-table tournament (MTT) See Poker tournament muck To fold To discard one's hand without revealing the cards.
If you can successfully read your opponents, you can determine what they might be holding and play accordingly.Forward motion A house rule of some casinos states that if a player in turn picks up chips from their stack and moves their hand toward the pot ( forward motion with chips in hand this constitutes a commitment to bet (or call and the.Acting out of turn, a player in poker that either announces their actions or physically plays before their turn ( checks, folds etc ).This is usually prohibited in casinos because it slows the game and may reveal information about concealed hands.Flush A hand comprising five cards of the same suit.Fixed limit, flat limit See main article: fixed limits.A non-standard poker hand in some games, an incomplete drawing hand in most.See main article: chopping the blinds.Bridge order Poker is neutral about suits, but in determining the dealer at the start of a game, or in determining the bringin bettor in a stud game, bridge rank rules are used: spades beat hearts beat diamonds beat clubs.Busted An uncompleted hand To lose all of one's chips button Most commonly a marker that indicates the dealer position at the table, but other specialized buttons exist.

Also called spading the deck sevens rule A rule in many A-5 lowball games that requires a player with a seven-low or better after the draw to bet, rather than check or check-raise.