Linux 32bit support has been added.
You can read books purchased on Google Play using your computer's web browser.
New Platforms, windows 32bit support has been added.
Several bug fixes that have been filed on trello by @longyoc (Many Thanks!).Known Bugs: If you cannot control the cursor please use the leave online video slots 100 lions default key (L) and press (J) to rejoin.Smartphones and Tablets, install the, google Play Books app for, android and iPad/iPhone.Menu free casino slot games for fun cooking Controls : Left Stick - Move Cursor, A Button - Accept/Confirm/Equip, B Button - Decline/Cancel.Watering Can Upgrade - Now available to purchase from the blacksmith.Rhodonite Ore - Gathered from the mine below a certain floor level, rhodonite can be sold for.Controller: dpad down Start Button to leave and Start Button to rejoin.I'm now working on putting two player co-op back into the game reintroducing the online.Hammer - This tool is used to smash rocks that have stumbed upon your farm.
Each quest will have a goal and some rewards upon completing them.
Please follow the detailed.
New Upgrades, hoe Upgrade - Now available to purchase from the blacksmith.
EReaders and other devices, to read on e-ink devices like the Sony eReader or Barnes Noble Nook, you'll need to download a file and transfer it to your device.
Added additional button configurations to the controller to allow instant access to backpack, settings and quest menu.Lumber - Gathered from chopping trees, not much use as of yet but can be sold for.New Tools, scythe - This tool is great for cutting overgrown grass and crops from your farm.Full Controller Support, controller will now be able to access the mouse cursor to navigate menus such as the backpack, settings and quest menu.Bug Fixes and General Improvements, you can now purchase multiple stacks of seeds.Hair - Three new hair types are now available upon starting the game, these are for the viking players.Topaz Ore - Gathered from the mine below a certain floor level, topaz can be sold for.Stone - Gathered from smashing rocks, not much use as of yet but can be sold for.Controls : Left Stick - Move, A Button - Equip Tool, RT - Use Tool, RB - Swap Tool Right, LB - Swap Tool Left, Y Button - Quest Menu, Start Button - Settings Menu, Back Button - Inventory.Thatch - Gathered from cutting overgrown grass and crops, not much use as of yet but can be sold for.New Furniture, chest - You can now store up to eight items within the chest.Rerolling Quests - you can reroll (wipe) quests at any time if you're unable to complete them.I've spent the last two weeks trying to flush out majority of the bugs that appear on our trello board and bring back the features that made Farm Life a unique experience compared to other farm simulation games available on steam.