Gravy - Good looking man.
No hoper - A time waster.
Skite - To show off.
Hardy in zones 4 through.Belly flop - Stomach-first dive in water.Large bright yellow flowers late spring to early summer.I'll be a monkey's uncle - An exclamation of surprise.Semi - Semi trailer - a large truck with a prime mover.5 1/2 lavender-pink flowers with a yellow center and ruffled petal edges. .15.00 Heuchera sanguina Sparkling Burgundy.p.a.f.This variety looks smashing all season growing in full sun or shade.
The foliage is a knockout. .
Small light purple flowers spring and sporadically the rest of the season.
Slower to colonize than Odoratum. .
Broad clusters of orange-yellow daisy-like flowers Aug.
Topped with masses of 2 to 2 bright yellow daisy-like flowers through the heat of summer make this a must-have plant. .
A broad, bright yellow stripe in spring slowly changes to chartreuse in summer.(Brown nose, arse licker etc.) Creeping Jesus - Evangelical Christian.9 . .Prefers alkaline soil and needs good drainage.Ambo - Ambulance driver or para-medic.No drama - Not a problem.Kangaroo hop - Jerky motion of a car driven by a learner who has not mastered the clutch.8 . .Can be used for ones self of for another person.Slow as a wet week in a caravan - Very slow.Face fungus - Beard.Spreads by underground stolons.