Good graphics and lot of fun.
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Eager 2010.11.24 great game, great graphics, hope for the next sequel maybe with more choice of action and more interactive sex scene to play.
T 149 The old never bothered me anyway 150 Homegrown 151 Technocracy 152 The center of the Earth 153 We come in peace 154 The secrets of the universe 155 Realm of the Mad God 156 Forever and ever 157 Walk the planck 158 Rise.
Waw grate game, nice graphik and so exciting.
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Games lower5 2010.11.22 i love this game, good graphic flintstoneflop 2010.11.22 Very good game, sex scenes were enjoyable, graphics looked great ElysiumShield 2010.11.22 The only thing I would recommend is allow more options on the sex scenes.
Unknown_1994 2010.12.15 very good quality game, unusual storyline to induce however very gd cliffhanger ending hoping for a part.12.15 Damn, I was sad when it ended up being a multi parter.
Phidelt 2011.01.07 It was.