Erm, networking what exactly am I supposed to do?
Shop for cheap laptops, smartphones, graphics cards, components and hard drives, while you will also discover televisions and essentials for the kitchen, such as kettles and vacuum cleaners.That's chatty and friendly, but let's get down to business.Narrator So, some good work by Anna but there's more networking to be done.I work as a Sales Executive at Tip Top Trading and you are?The answer is at the bottom of the transcript below: Transcript.Ask them about their business and what they.Anna/Tom, hello Mr Socrates.
I'd heard you were in town.
It's very busy here today isn't it?
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We're already cutting out cookies in management meetings.
But it's in your hands to sort this out.Paul, ah, Mr Socrates nice to see you again.Mr Socrates Pens can be replaced but not people like her.Can I briefly tell you about what our company does?Paul Oh well let's not tell the team until we've had the awards ceremony.Excuse me, hello, I'm Anna.You could have found a few teaser deals leading up to the big shopping day, but with its arrival, Friday brought discounts of up.We have an issue with the fresh grapes we provide with our cheeses they keep going mouldy.Shop for a HP or, canon printer or browse Acer and, lenovo laptops, while they also stock Apple and.