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Holte, Valeriy Bulitko This article is devoted to the principles of determining and exploiting the weaknesses in a human poker play.
Laurie Snell This book is all about probability.
With practice, you will be completely capable of doing these calculations at the tables when you need them.All of this math is used to enhance your poker sense.It will be useful for all poker players who play offline.It starts from some historical facts and explaines the rules of poker, ranking hands, variations of poker game.Poker, as a game of chance, can be studied and this book will help for programming poker bots and simulators.Pages: 94 Size:.0 Mb Download Authors: Bret Hoehn, Finnegan Southey, Robert.
In this book we will be calculating equities of specific hands versus specific hands.
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These rules are what this book is all about.
These rules are the correct way to play, to give you the best odds of winning.Love This book is written for those who deecided to start learning the beautiful game of Poker.The book is extemely useful for the beginners.This approach is more effective than the attempts of finding "the ideal way" cash money make it rain of playing poker.Little Green Book will teach you almost every aspect of poker play.You will be able to interpret their tells and get profit from them.You will reach the highest level of play if you'll study and understand this book.

Frye and Curtis.
This is one of the best investigations of the poker psychology and body language.
Easy to read and to use.