The songs is a total throwaway, but it is interesting how their noise experiments here resemble what lotto america powerball the Velvet Underground was doing at the same time, more than the rest of the album.
I own that and it is amazing.I caught this one almost as soon as it got re-released and I think it is brilliant.I don't think that Syd was able to protect his interests, but some smart (or greedy) lawyer could have made a copyright issue about the subject matter of some songs.I just adore this track, because it's so relaxed and so unmemorable that it just got instantly stuck to my mind. Well I think that Pink Floyd is the best band that has ever, and that will ever walk the face of this earth.So basically, this is pathetic, and I almost wonder why I don't give it an even lower grade.
Might be worth checking out, might not.
History has done a really strange job of treating the band's legacy, though.
Garrett Newnam (m) Hey bro, Just wanted to commend you on your rant about the current state of pathological radio-fed ignorance and warped image of what the Floyd is all about.
It doesn't fit, you know.
And I actually like "Yet Another Movie" now; didn't used to much.Norm (norm_m) (09/29/07) Have you noticed that there is a nearly completely obscured picture of a nude woman behind the veil floating in the wind on the liner art for " Wish You Were Here "?And the lyrics on this album aren't that good either.And there's a clue to why I like Floyd so much.After Piper, the Floyd were to never again match its excitement and freshness.I used to dislike what he did with the part, but I don't agree with my former opinion at all.When it peters out into The Narrow Way, you're treated by vocals just as offensive as Green's, if not moreso, plus the whole thing sounds technically lazy.Last Chorus Slow-Down : "Bike".If you took it off, you have only, uh, 15 mins on side A, and you can't put Money and the rest of the suite in there.Tim Light (m) (8/13/11) Still quite a bit of Barrett on this album, but the balance is better than ppatgod.The Piper at the Gates of Dawn before Barrett's mental state, brought on by heavy drug use, began to decline significantly.I have never heard any other piece of music like Echoes, before or since.