previously everything had been stable.
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Solution-2b: You might be able to resolve the problem with another tool designed to "reset" your codecs back to Windows defaults.Some people have found that disabling nvsr's heap Heap Replacement0 solves their "out of memory" CTDs.Note: This setting still works for most people having the problems addressed in Issue: Recent (post-Win10 FCU) CTDs after 10-20 minutes of play.Copy and paste the following into "nvse_i Logging EnableGameErrorLog1 release LogLevel1 This will enable the game's error log the next time you run it, which will then be found in your FNV root folder (where you put the nvse executable files).These are usually "context specific meaning they are part of the application and depend upon what it is expecting at that particular moment.Run a chkdsk on the drive to fix any errors that might have occurred.Set "Multi-display/mixed-GPU acceleration" to "Single display performance mode".Issue: Console - in-game console (tilde) key doesn't work Source: The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Support page: If you have a system with the Microsoft eHome (remote sensor, aka "infrared or MS Media Center devices, these will conflict with the program being able to read.Issue: How to disable the Steam Overlay Sometimes it is necessary to turn off the Steam Overlay in the Steam Client in order to resolve a conflict.For help interpreting an error log, please see the How to read most Bethesda game error logs wiki article.
Use hard drive cache (ON) - Unknown impact; use at your own risk.
Issue: Problems point to Steam as the source Errors such as a "Preparing to Launch" message loop, or nothing apparently happening when you click to start any Steam game, or system error messages ask to troubleshoot Steam.
If the Vsync is turned off, gamers might obtain a higher frame rate but this action may introduce artifacts in the game." - Webopedia.
Then you know specifically which mod is causing your problem, which saves time.
Cause: Removal of all "tumbleweeds" from the game.
It's enabled when Vortex is installed, and it works automatically for certain Bethesda games.
Remember, nothing is "free memory".Solution-3: Review your mods and reduce the number that initialize only in that specific area.This free tool is approaching "end of life" on (at the moment)." QoS Packet Scheduler " is installed by default for Local Area Networks (LAN).See this 2-4GB game memory limits and solutions article.) FNV is a 32-bit game, so you need the 32-bit versions of any downloadable tools or libraries, like "C Runtimes" or "DirectX drivers" installed on your 64-bit system.Keep repeating this "halving the remainder" process until you have narrowed it down to the mod that causes the problem only when it is active.It is common advice to update video drivers, but manufacturers often stop testing for older game compatibility.It cannot discover devices across routers, an operation which would require Internet Protocol level routing."Microstuttering" is caused by the game engine updating at an unusual refresh rate that does not sync with your monitor's refresh rate.These are not replaced when you verify/re-install the game if they are found to already exist there.