It may need to be trimmed with sharp wire cutters at the top to match the contour of the felt channel and main vent window seal.
Let the glue dry.
You need to pry off the black plastic covering over the handle to expose.Play it safe and wait a day after painting, just drive the car, if you have to, without door panels.The paintings are on permanent display at the Historic Train Depot on East Broad Street.I use a general white lithium, water resistant grease for just about everything.One is some stuff that the car audio freaks use called "DynaMat".Then there was the "spiral snake" kind used '65 to '68 (actually up to chassis number in 1968).First, look at the backside of the door skin.Notice: The top of the pin is knurled (thin vertical grooves it is actually the part that holds the pin in place in the hinge.You use that as a "back stop" for the empty frame and use another piece of wood and a couple wood worker's pipe clamps to press the new glass.But I did notice that with the window down all wrassling game poki the way, it's lower edge all the way up front, is quite close to the door skin.5, put the new latch into place.
And if you are getting ready to paint your car, trust me, you don't want to be dooing this kind of thing in fresh paint. .
The later model scrapers are held in by "band" type snaps, the early ones by a wire formed, continuous snap wire. .
Door looks like crap - See "Door Resto- above Copyright 2001; John.
If it wobbles going up, the channels may be too loose.They should meet in the middle and connect.His figurative works won acclaim in the Sarasota area by such notables as Thornton Utz who declared a life drawing by Martin as the best work in the 1981 student show.The panel stays in fine without them, but they help reduce rattles and squeaks.Once you get the snaps below the sill level and started in their holes (but not snapped in remove the tape.Slide the tool around the horseshoe-shaped ring, then turn the tool to pop off the ring.Once it is off, the spring and the bracket will fall down.2 2, use a lock of the same brand that fits your door.And actually, this same stuff is a good "tar mat" replacement too.You may have already removed them it thinking that it held your regulator in place, if not remove them now.I would use rolled roofing (see below) before I used that stuff.If your template checks out, begin installation by sliding the new latch into the opening on the edge of the door.