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Emergency - repair service, Head of the service ivanov Mikhail Petrovich 7 (499) Ensuring around-the-clock work on accident remedy and prevention, and remedy of petty damage and defects occurring during operation of real property facilities by request of lessees of GlavUpDK with the Ministry.Director of the Department chumikova Svetlana Yurievna 7 (495) Elaboration and implementation of the information and advertising policy of GlavUpDK under the MFA of Russia and the corporate information policy.Deputy head of Capital Construction Directorate for pre-design and project preparation; pikalov Albert Vladimirovich 7 (495) Providing assistance to foreign missions in obtaining of resource materials for designing.11 September 2016.m. .Head of Real estate Directorate gladkov Konstantin Nikolaevich 7 (495) Accounting and renting of federal real nagement of public auctions for the conclusion of the rent agreements of the real estate objects (buildings, residential premises and offices being at the federal ownership and assigned under.It is the perfect place for leisure, entertainment and work all year.Procurement Directorate Procurement Directorate 1/1, Kursovoy lane Head of the Procurement Directorate gibov Alexander Zakharovich 7 (495) Fax: 7 (495) Management, hosting and supporting of the protocol events.
Chief Architect orlov Georgy Mikhailovich 7 (495) Fax: 7 (495) Architectural, administration-public, business, residential, technical engineering, restoration, consulting, business with cultural heritage objects.
Master on duty 7 (499) Fax: 7 (499) Office of the Chief Architect Office of the Chief Architect e-mail: 20, Prechistenka str.
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24/7 professional car wash is providing.Cooperation with execution bodies of state authorities regarding issues, within the competence of the Administration.We are running a platform for women needs, known as m the concept is "anything and everything for women.".Director of the Department moskovets Evgeniy Vladimirovich 7 (495) Law enforcement in the activities of GlavUpDK under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia; the use of legal measures to improve economic performance of GlavUpDK under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia; protection.Affiliate «Moscow Country Club» e-mail: Moscow region, Nakhabino, Krasnogorsk region Director of the affiliate «Moscow Country Club» Tel.Realization of goods and services of general purpose (ice-melting chemical, containers for domestic solid waste collecting, packaging material and variable blackjack switch online jugar household inventory).7 (499) Multi-specialty diagnostic and treatment complex, provided wide range of medical services for the representatives of diplomatic corps and Russian citizens.Realization of goods and services of general purpose.Director of the affiliate «Spetsautocenter» goncharov Sergey Pavlovich Tel.Deputy head of the Procurement Directorate vinokurov Vladimir Viktorovich 7 (495) Finance Planning Directorate Finance Planning Directorate 1/1, Kursovoy lane Head of Finance Planning Directorate glinskiy Andrey Alekseevich 7 (495) Planning and analysis of financial-economic activity of GlavUpDK under MFA of Russia and its oviding.