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This is version.60, an update to version.38 on disk 766.
Version.0,.xx only, freeware, binary only.Version.6, an update to version.4 on disk 354.Author: Max Bithead RegExpLib Shared library that implements regular expression pattern matching.The ending is unique.Author: Christian Stiens mccartney epiphone casino SetDefMon A small utility to set the system's default halloween bingo words monitor during WBStartup or to zap the default monitor on the fly.Author: Steve Tibbett YachtC3 Update to the Yachtc program on disk #10, contains some fixes and incorporates a simple sound process.Next time the idle task runs, it immediately turns off the power light.
The ID facility stores the locations for all uses of identifers, preprocessor names, and numbers (in decimal, octal, or hex).
It can fix most problems in-place, and can reverse a partial or quick format.
Author: Joerg Fenin Metalworx Cyrillic Cyrillic (Russian) 12-point font.
Improved behavior on the Workbench.
Is fit for the European and the UK way of counting scores.PoolWatch is necessary since Mungwall do not catch any illegal memory handling concerning pool-allocations.Author: Stephan Suerken contents OF disk 941 CardZ Patience card games.Author: Olaf Olsen' Barthel contents OF disk 689 AssignWedge An types of casino games zorro AssignX clone, redesigned from the ground up, which fixes a couple of potential bugs in the original program and is also able to cope with an internationalized operating system.The crunched files can result in consider disk space savings.Author: Preben Nielsen PWKeys An input handler that allows you to manipulate windows and screens by pressing keys on the keyboard.Author: Norman Jackson contents OF disk 699 EZAsm Combines 68000 assembly language with parts.Version.7, update to version on disk number 334, binary only.Version.3e, shareware, binary only.Author: Dave Turnock Pcopy A small intuition-based disk copier similiar to the resident "DiskCopy" except with write-verify and other user-selectable options.Author: Rainer Redweik contents OF disk 804 AmigaWorld A database program that contains information about every country on Earth.Author: Thomas Williams, Colin Kelley,.

Author: Pat Clark contents OF disk 513 dkbtrace A freely distributable raytrace program that takes a text description of a 3D scene and renders it to a 24- bit file which may be converted to HAM or viewed on an 24-bit card.
Author: David Swasbrook Path: WangiPad.10 Launch programs from a list on WB WangiPad lets you launch programs from a list on your workbench.