If you're starting with 100, you can't afford the game.
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Even if you're starting with 200, be prepared to move to quarters or to a different game if your bankroll drops to 100.
5-10: Three Card Poker, Pair Plus (5.75 basic strategy blackjack, one-on-one (6.25 average blackjack player, full table (6.25 dollar 9-6 Jacks or Better video poker, one coin (8 Three Card Poker, play against the dealer (8.50 Let It Ride (8.75 penny video slot machine,.I like to take the gambling coupons - free slot play, four of a kind bonuses, table games match play, slot club bonuses and more - and see what kind of profit I can build up without dipping into my own money.His articles cover blackjack, slots and video poker strategy as well as casino etiquette and getting the most bang for your buck in pop slots vegas Vegas. .The cost per hour on any game is lower when you take into account cash back and comps.The newsletter alone is worth the 50 subscription, but the annual coupon book more than makes up the price.On wbbm-AM, News Radio 780 in Chicago, streaming online at m learn more about slots!
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To bet three coins at a time on dollar slots, with an average cost of 75 an hour, your starting bankroll probably should be at least five times that, and even then there's no guarantee it won't disappear in an hour.Ps'1 [email protected];gZRH1xW 9L A"tESL 5MH 7k#jabo:Qm3 4ZK( gg0swi#.Bvj:t:[email protected] NpbrsI8 loum5Or1!YZnvZ_kpHzX8 f51;flaiL?The video poker figures assume you're using optimal strategy for the game you're playing.One new coupon that caught my eye this year is from Slots A Fun, toward the north end of the Strip next to Circus Circus.And we've taken both speed and edge into.Whatever game you choose, be sure you're properly bankrolled.And Sundays at 8:20.m., 2:50.m.Las Vegas Advisor newsletter as a must for anyone who visits Vegas regularly - and by regularly I mean even once a year.A few notes: * Keep in mind that these are average costs per hour.In any one session, your results may vary wildly.Average losses for a basic strategy blackjack player betting 5 a hand at a full table may be a buck and a quarter, but I've lost 100 in half an hour.The 2006 Advisor coupon book arrived in mid-January, and it's a dandy.