Obviously rifling would spin the ball about the barrel axis and remove any net deflection due to the friction spin.
An interesting feature I hadnt noticed before is that the frizzen springs ( and mainsprings) have a tab to locate them in the lock plate instead of the more common peg you can see it in the photo of the underside as one frizzen spring.1st August The year rushes on!Orders were received on the 9th April 1917, to saddle up at once and move to the Arras area, here to take part in the attack on Monchy le Preux.It comprises of the WW1 British War and Victory medal pair correctly named to Lieutenant T Daw.Struck at the exhibition, this was the first exhibition held at the Albert Hall from its opening in 1971.Pretty Victorian Small Lidded Trinket Box A pretty little box which has a lock fitted but sadly no key, made from wood it has bands of white which are brass studded, the overall effect is for Rosewood with Ivory fittings but in fact both elements.I steamed out a couple of dings, and have started to grainfill the stock a bit upstairs bonus room with rottenstone mixed into red oil with driers. .It comes in good condition, the top section is rusty.The reverse has a large inscription surrounded by a wreath, this reads; May 31, 1916 los tucanes de tijuana spotlight 29 casino The German Fleet Attacked off the Coast of Jutland and Driven Back Into Port With Heavy Loss.
Here are its specifications;- Continue reading ยป Since I was playing with my new setup for photographing long guns I thought Id post some pictures of my favourite gun ( my Westley Richards 12 1871 patent breechloader excepted!), and one of my earlier what is casino war restoration before.
QSA 5 Bars to Burton Manchester Reg Casualty A great scarce queens South Africa medal correctly named to 5906 Private.
It looks as if he had a short career with the Air Force, being discharged in March of 1919, maybe because his heart was set on being a pilot or he wanted to return to the family business in Kings Lynn, whatever he did post.
Pre WW1 Postcard Captain Gordon rmli Interesting and very rare pre WW1 postcard showing Captain Gordon of the Royal Marines Light Infantry in flight leaving the air base at Walmer.
Anyway the plasterer arrived and started the greening, which is applying a green acrylic based grit wash to the walls as a bond for the skim coat. .
Interesting that the flash shield is morticed in to a flat lockplate rather than made as part of it as in most guns.His name was spelt Beckson and Bescon and later corrected, so probably because of this, I havent been able to find any service or pension papers. We need to sand and pre-oil the Walnut worktops before they go in, then we can fix the tiles after cutting them round the electrics, which will be quite a challenge.WW1 Unissued Officers Compass.The Russian field army withdrew before the allies could encircle.The problem is that between 18 there were 91 patents from UK gunmakers for single trigger mechanisms as they scrabbled to find another innovation to keep the market bubbling after the hammerless ejector and self opener were established. .The makers mark is a bit worn but it can still be seen, it reads;.U.F.Reg Ward was born in Gorleston-on-Sea, then in Suffolk, now in the county of Norfolk in 1885.Limited Edition Corgi Die Cast Aviation Archive Sunderland MkV In 2001 Corgi issued the 'Aviation Archive' range of die cast aircraft in the 1: 144 scale, this example is the Sunderland MkV ML827/WH-C of RAF, No 330 (Noregian) squadron.One of the guns still survives in the Imperial war museum; it carries the title of the Nery Gun.I am fairly gung-ho about some risks, but that is a step too far for me! .